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13/09/1985 - 19/05/2011


Home of the "Maximum Performance & Handy Horses"

Tezbar Stud was established on 1984.  With the purchase of "HASTINGS HANDY ANDY"  Q 15532 in 1989 commenced an intensive breeding program of Quarter Horses.

Our policy has always been to produce quality Riding horses for all ages in as many disciplines as possible.  "Andy" excelled in Cutting Camp drafting, Hacking, Dressage, Eventing,Western & boasts his "Superior Halter Horse" with the Australian AQHA.

The progeny of Hastings Handy Andy (The Handy Horses) have a reputation of following in their Sire's Hoof prints as having versatility in a number of disciplines

Whilst we promote the Aust Quarter Horse our cross breed program is unique & involves T.B's, Arabians & Stock Horses.  Most progeny are also Dual ANSA registered. 

Many of our horses can boast championships in all their registrations.

In 2005 we were given the opportunity to add Palomino Colt "MAX O ROY" Q55486 to the stables.  Max will complement our breeding program.  Lightly shown to date Max has already placed in Hunter Under Saddle, ANSA Ridden & Dressage. He has also proven himself as a Halter Horse in all his Registrations  Has been started in Cutting . Unfortunatley due to a recent injury Max will not be returned to Cutting or Showing but now retired totally to Stud Duties.  His foals continue to perform beyond expectations & hopefully we will be showing his first under saddle in the next 6 months.


Enquiries to Barbara & Terry Jones

1834 Clarence Way COPMANHURST NSW 2460

PHONE 02 6647 3215 
MOBILE 0417 473 215
EMAIL tezbar@bigpond.com

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We use & recommend our Official Photographer our son
Clayton Jones who now trades under
Resplendant Imagery 
Please watch this page for further links to his page


photo taken 23rd August 2009  he receives a deserving cuddle from on of his fans Jess Longhurst


Tezbar Bling On The Gold   (Miss Bling)  My latest Champion

This filly is the exceeding all expectations & has done 3 Shows for  5 Broad Ribbons & never placed under 2nd & some were only because of her inexperience & reaction to the side shows

Hello Andy  ( Ray) My New Champion 2012

Photo Credit Tasha Longhurst


Vancouver Park    ( Damien)  2007

                                                Black Azul  (Jill)  Atley State Sporting 2003


Handys Bold Image  April 2009

Handys Royal Gold  Bec Longhurst  Aug 2009 Photo Credit Tasha Longhurst

Handy Azul   Chelsea Balcomb  2009

Handy's Solid Gold                                                      Handy Olympic Gold
   Handy Mr Impeccable 
  Handy Mr Impeccable



      Bec                                                  Handys Solid Gold              Jess 

Handys Solid Gold Sept 2009 85 cm   Photo Credit Tasha Longhurst


Stephanie McKillop Handy High Ambitions

Jnr Champ State Show jumping Euitation     2009

Handy High Ambitions  2009

Poco Costar  Ribs Tyler Lamb 2008

Scott Todahl  2009

Handy Azul Chelsea Balcomb Nana Glen ODE  2009         Jess Longhurst &    Handy's Royal Gold Nov 2009 Reserve Champion Galloway

Barb & Grog (Gilt Edge)


Hello Andy 9th July 2011

Maximum Cutters Gold 14/08/11 9 months

Maximum Gold 11 months 14/08/2011


Miss Cash N Coins First Ride

Hello Andy  First Show
With permission of Around the Lens Photography

First Show for Maximum Gold

With permission of Around the Lens Photography

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