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Photo Jan 2010


               MAX O ROY
Registered AQHA Q 55486  ANSA  07621
Foaled 16/09/2004

                                                           S: Senoritas Playboy
                       S: Playboy Roy (IMP)
                             Q 31044                  D: Genuine Rose
S:  Doc O Roy Q 47926
                                                           S: Docs Denius (IMP)
                       D: Dennys Lenaette                                    
                               Q 26492                D: Swens Lena (IMP)

                                                           S: Sonitas Last
                       S: Sonitas Rondo
                                Q 24719               D: Prices Abbie Leo
D:  Barque Ama Sonita  Q42868
                                                           S: Amadeus Doc (IMP)
                       D: Barque Amadeus Croc
                                  Q 31591              D: Roso Lena

Stud Fee  $1000- to approved mares only.

First foals now on the ground & available for viewing

Maximum Cutters Gold Q-70924

Sire:  Max O Roy Q-44586
Dam: Cutters Gold Yakoon Q-

Vale: Hastings Handy Andy
13/09/1985 - 19/05/2011
A True Gentleman to the End -

R.I.P.  My Old Friend

Photo Credit Beck Longhurst

Hastings Handy Andy   Pic 24.07.2010


Registered AQHA Q 15532  ANSA 04013

                                                          S: Jackstraw Jnr
                        S: Double L Straw
                                                            D: Maggie Burke
S:  El Pajote (IMP)
       Q 1447                                           S: Rey Del Rancho
                        D: La Verdad
                                                            D: La Mentira
                                                            S: Cardinal Chico
                         S: Tejanos Chico (IMP)
                               Q 2                        D: Golandrina
D: King Ranch Harmony
         Q 1326                                         S: Mendinga
                          D: Little Swallow (IMP)
                               Q 84                       D: Golandrina

We still have a limited number of foals by this outstanding stallion.

We are also retaining a select number of mares/fillies to join with Max to further our breeding program.


Pictured here at 24 yr old       Aug 2009       Photo credit to Tasha Longhurst                


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