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Handys Royal Gold A1 - 6855 
ANSA 07097 AHSA PF 27411
S: Hastings Handy Andy D: Negundo Garden Party

Lightly shown to numerous Champions in both led & ridden classes.

First Foal Maximum White Gold can be viewed on Foal Page

Pictured above & below with Beck Longhurst  this mare had her first jumping lesson only 3 weeks prior

Pictured here jumping 95cm 4 weeks after her first lesson

Jess Longhurst & Handy's Royal Gold Nov 2009
Reserve Champion Open Galloway

Now back in work but has been returned to Max O Roy for a 2010 foal will be shown lightly until early 2010.

Colt born 17/09/2010 go to foal page to view

Filly Foal born 19/09/2011

Handys Bold Image A2 - 1379
S: Hastings Handy Andy D: Black Azul

This mare is currently in training & lightly shown for placings in all her events to date.  Keep eyes open for her foals in the future.

Handy's Bold Image will continue her show career for at least another 1 - 2 years.  Showing a lot of potential as a Show Hunter & working Show hunter as she is a natural jumper.  jumping 85cm on her first lesson.

Sadly this mare bowed a tendon in early 2010 & has now been bred to Max O Roy  we are very excited about the prospective foal

Handy's Pajote Magic Q 58846
S: Hastings Handy Andy
D: Swanee Fiona

Currently in work at Pony Club will be retained for breeding & as  kid's pony for our Grand children when they arrive.

Cutters Gold Yakoon Q 18739
S: Cutters Could (IMP) D: Miss Modern Yakoon

  She has been Champion mare led & ridden.  Excelled in numerous disciplines from Western. English Cutting & Team Penning.  Top Pony club mount for our children in her younger days.

We have bred a number of foals from this mare who have once again excelled in Pony Club & showing.

Her foals can be viewed in the progeny & Foal pages

My Sweetheart TB
S: Rigoletto D: Miss Lovable

Sweet natured mare who has had 2 foals to Hastings Handy Andy Her last sadly deceased in 2009 with Joint Ill  She  will be returned to Max O Roy in Sept 2009.

Her first foal now doing Polo Cross in QLD.

New Additions:
Belle Supreme (T.B) Black/Brown
Sire: Clang
Dam: Saintly Red

(Photos to come soon)

Miss Cash N Coins
Q 61852
Sire: Gold N Cash
Dam: Miss Curvaceous

pic as a foal

Miss Cash N Coins now broken & working under saddle

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